Monday 10 September 2012

Blogging on the iPads

Today we used the iPads to look at the comments people have left on our blog. 

We answered some of the questions people asked us and created this new post.

We also looked at the blogs of our quadblogging partners in England and Australia. 


  1. Awesome job room 1

  2. Dear Room 1,

    You all are very lucky to have iPads at your school. We are hoping to get some new laptops soon so we can blog more often.

    We love the pictures you include in your blog.

    What did you think of our blog? Did you like the different photos from PhotoPeach?

    Your blogging buddies,
    Students of 1L from Our Ladys Sunshine

  3. Dear room 1,

    It must be fun having ipads we wish we had some too.
    you are very lucky to have ipads.

    from Syana and Zoe

  4. Wow Room 1,
    You look like you are doing some great work. Whate else have you been doing on your ipads? We use Ipads as well.

    Mr Jones
    Pontybrenin Primary, Wales

  5. Elephant class (UK)
    We are all impressed that you have i-pads! This is what some of the children said -
    Moses - I would do much more work if I had one !
    Diego - It would make writing more fun.
    Pola - Could we play games ?

  6. We have diffter games. One of them is a cup cake one. The cup cake one is plus. Gene

  7. Hi Room 1! How have you been getting on with your ipads? What apps and games do you like using?

    Your blog is looking fantastic as always
    Year 4 - Pontybrenin Primary , Wales

  8. hay room 1 how do have i pads does any body get hurt is it scary when a earthcwack comes