Saturday, 11 March 2017

Room one practicing tennis skills

Wow Ake! Great form

Henry... full concentration

Go Ana, you rock

Royce keeping his eyes on the ball

oops! Christian has lost his ball

Latu is so proud because he can hit the ball.                   Well done Zainab! Look at you balancing the ball :)

Payton keeping an eye on the ball

Christian and Roman working together

Henry has to bounce the ball on his bat

That's the way Steven

Go Christian!

Friday, 4 November 2016

When we work together, we learn trust.

Learning with blocks

Ayva-Lee, Esther and Temprynce are using their imaginations to build and create masterpieces. They are also learning to cooperate and share with each other.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Room 1 are using a tool to help them improve their learning. Teach your monster to read is a free online program designed to improve children's reading and spelling. Every day Room 1 students get to become teachers and help their monsters learn to read.

Dear Matty
Thank you very much for helping me to learn my letters and sounds.
I love learning to read and you are a great teacher! It’s been an amazing adventure so far. We have visited four wonderful islands, met some very curious Island Kings and won some fantastic prizes along the way.
Now, I just need four more parts to finish building my spaceship. Please can you help me find the rest?
Thank you and have a monstrous reading adventure!
Your Monster