Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Room 1 are using a tool to help them improve their learning. Teach your monster to read is a free online program designed to improve children's reading and spelling. Every day Room 1 students get to become teachers and help their monsters learn to read.

Dear Matty
Thank you very much for helping me to learn my letters and sounds.
I love learning to read and you are a great teacher! It’s been an amazing adventure so far. We have visited four wonderful islands, met some very curious Island Kings and won some fantastic prizes along the way.
Now, I just need four more parts to finish building my spaceship. Please can you help me find the rest?
Thank you and have a monstrous reading adventure!
Your Monster

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Writing about Autumn leaves

Today Room 1 went for a walk and found Autumn leaves. There was great excitement as they ran around collecting leaves.

Big leaves, medium size leaves and small leaves.

Brown, Red, Yellow and green leaves.