Tuesday 4 September 2012

Art Exhibition Continued...

We have been continuing to work on our art exhibition piece.

We stuck down flax and our koru patterns before using the rollers to paint over our collaged card. 

Then we stuck the cardboard stencils we made on top of the black paint.
Next we sponge painted over the black paint with metallic colours. Some of us chose to use one or two different colours.

 After they have dried we will pull the stencils and flax off to reveal what is underneath. We will frame them with black paper so they are ready to display with all the other classes art work.

 Check back soon to see the final masterpiece! 


  1. Dear Room 1,

    What a great post to show the fantastic work you are doing in preparation for your Art Exhibition.

    Your artwork looks amazing! I love the metallic colours and the texture that has been created using sponges.

    Why did you choose metallic colours?

    Your new blogging buddies,
    Miss Riley & Students of 1L
    Our Lady's Sunshine

  2. Which activity did you like best? from Miss Morris Field Head Carr

  3. We used metallic colours because it stands out beAutifully. We liked rolling the black paint over out art. By Arsenah and Sativalee

    1. Miss Riley (1L Our Lady's)12 September 2012 at 16:25

      Dear Arsenah and Sativalee,

      Thank you for answering our question about using metallic colours!

      We agree with you that those colours stand out and look beautiful.

      We think it would be very fun to roll the black paint back and forth on our artwork.

      Well done!

      Your blogging buddies,
      Miss Riley & Students of 1L
      Our Lady's

  4. I. Like. The. Art. Because I had fun Sponge painting over the top of my butterfly stencils. Ane

  5. Good wrk sativalee. I like your art and I like your work. by Eljae

  6. My Favourite activity was the sponge painting. I used the gold paint and I went over the top of my cat stencils. Ezra

  7. Dear Room 1,

    The painting you had done was perfect.
    I liked all of your painting becaes it looks cool.
    I want to do some painting too.

    Do you like painting?

    From Richard

  8. Charlotte and Jake12 September 2012 at 16:41

    Dear miss Morris and room 1,s

    your paintings look wonderful!!!
    We love your panitings that you made.
    The colurs that you yous are SO cool!!!
    How did you make them difrent colurs?
    From your blogging buddeis,
    Jake and Charlotte at Our Lady,s sunshine

  9. Ricchard and Oscar in1L12 September 2012 at 16:44

    Dear room 1,

    I like all of you paitings.
    Your painting looks very fantastic and it looks very fun.
    I like the paintings.
    I like it.

    Our lady's school
    From Richard and Oscar

  10. We have got plus games. We have to count with our fingers and we have to guess the number.