Saturday 16 June 2012


We have been learning how to balance on the beam. We are trying to keep our heads up with our arms and backs straight. 



Some of us are trying to do dips. We bend our knees and scoop our leg down below the beam.  

A fantastic finish. Legs together and hands straight up in the air.

What is your favourite gymnastic activity?


  1. We are impressed by your beam!

    Our favourite gymnastics activities are:

    Cartwheels says April

    Bar to Bar ... It means when you're on the bar and you have to jump from a low one to a high one says Louis.

    Front flips says Georgia.

    Wall bars says Cameron.

    Round off flick (it's where you do a cartwheel and then a back flip with your legs joined together) says Kalli.

    Handstand on my trampoline says Ellie

    Going over the vault and landing in the splits says Cecilia.

    Walking handstand says Nadine.

    Headstand says Christian!

    What are your favourite gymanstics?
    We might try to film some of ours (If it ever stops raining!!!!)

  2. I like the beam and the big trampoline. I like doing flips and the splitst and today is Friday June 22nd 2012 -Rayhan

  3. Hi Dason school

    How are you?
    I like balnsing on the bean too.(said Ellie)

    This look's fun.(said Tilly)

    By Ellie & Tilly

  4. Hi my name is Faith and my favroutie gymnactic sport is Trampliene,Bars,Beam,Floor and Fast track.On floor I really like doing splitz and Flips.Whats your favroutie gymnactic move?

  5. Hi my name is Cerys.I love going on the beam,it's my favourite thing to do.It's a bit hard.

  6. do you like walking handstand

  7. hi my name is Amy and i go to st Andrews school in essex
    my favouite gymnastics is a cartwheels it can be quite hard sometimes but its good fun!

  8. Hi my name i april i go to st andrews school in essex
    That looks exting my favrouite gymnastics is balancing beam too. sometimes its quite hard i find it hard and easy.

  9. Hi my name is Chloe J and we went on a balance beam and it was really thin.

  10. Looks like so much fun Room 1!

  11. Hi my names Kalli i like gymnastics and my favorite piece is beam.I can do cartwheels of the beam.