Thursday 17 May 2012

Miss Zeier's Birthday

This week Room 1 helped Miss Zeier celebrate her birthday. 

I helped Miss Zeier blow out the candles - Jaydyn

Miss Zeier got lots of flowers and cards - Tupou

We had cakes with sparkly candles on them. We gave some to the other teachers in Year 2, it tasted yummy! I said Happy Birthday Miss Zeier and I gave her a letter! - Roine


  1. It was miss zeiers birthday yesterday. Miss zeier has
    turned 27 years old.We ate cake with miss zeier. but
    she looks 21 - by Elyjah and roie`

  2. Hi Newzeeland it is me poppy and my best friend louie we were so jellous about you having big google eyes donuts what is it for.Mabe I will tell my class that we can do what you did for both of are teatchers.

  3. Hi room1 I am Chloe roberts did you get to have some of the gogle eye donuts?Soundslike you enjoyed a lot.Did Miss Zeier enjoy her birthday?

  4. poppy and ryan16 July 2012 at 01:17

    Hi there class 1 that's look's yummy was it

  5. They look very tasty you are very lucky