Friday 16 March 2012

Room 1's Shared Reading

"Ice-Cream, Ice-Cream - Yummy Stuff!"
"Ice-Cream, Ice-Cream - Makes Me Tough!"

Room 1's Home Room illustrated a shared reading book written by Jill Eggleton. 


  1. Hi Room 1,
    We have read this story too. We really like your ice-creams that you made. They are very colourful. We did a role play that we will put onto our blog this week- have a look :)
    From Room 5 at Hamilton East School

  2. Thanks Room 5, we will check out your role play soon :-)

  3. Hello from Room 14 & 7!

    Your ice cream looks cold and yummy and
    we wish we had some.

    Cheers from Julius and Mercy Room 14


  4. Hello Room 1,

    Your ice-creams made me want to eat one of them, becuase they all looked really really great and fantastic.

    Also, the Catch a Star video was great.

    From Payton Room 14

  5. Hello my name is Julius,

    Your art looks so nice because it's bright.
    You have a nice ABC background.
    Mrs Z this blog is very cool, but not as good as ours!

    Good day from Julius Room 14

  6. Hello Room 1,

    Your blog looks fantastic. I love your ice creams they look delicious and I also love
    your bees and all your videos.

    From Edward

  7. Hi my name is Martin from Room 14.

    I like how you made your ice cram and I wish I could make
    one with you. I like your video about your your cool stuff
    and my favorite flavor is vanilla.

    I hope you have a good day.

  8. hello from room 14

    I really like blog because your background looks cool.
    I love your photo!!!


    david room 14

  9. Hello Rm 1!

    Your ice creams looks very yummy. All of you are very good at art.

    Some of the ice creams are making me hungry.


    From Cayden RM 14 at Dawson School.

  10. Hi my name is mahmoud and I am from Pontybrenin Primary in Wales. I liked the fish because the fish were colourful and they looked liked they were swimming and I liked it when you put small bits of newspaper.It was fantastic.

  11. Wow! I love ice cream and your ones look good enough to eat.
    I liked your Anzac display.We were lucky in new Zealand that we had men who fought and they we should all remember them like you did.
    Mrs Funaki